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Simple ways to maintain a balanced schedule 

Simple ways to maintain a balanced schedule 

Ever feel like your well-made plans have a tendency to unravel or go awry? Following on from my post about how to make time for the things you want to do, I wanted to offer some of the tips I've picked up while I've been trying to juggle freelance life. Hopefully, they'll help you to stay in control of your daily life in the same way that they have helped me.  


Plan and praise

To give yourself structure and confidence, it's really important that you track your progress. Get yourself some nice stationery (I love the notebooks Portico makes), then make a cuppa and sit down once a week to reflect on how the previous seven days have been. Note anything that went well (e.g. if you gave yourself time for a long bath), and anything that didn't go to plan (e.g. if found yourself flustered from too many chores). Then, do a rough plan of your week ahead, making effort to find a solution to the previous week's hiccups. 


Check your time

If you catch yourself saying you don't have time to do something you'd like to do, always consider whether you really can't make time for it. If it matters to you, that's a reason to try. 


Spend on self-care

If you need to buy a few things to enable you to do something, like a new hobby or extra special bubble bath (such as these bars of big bubbles from Lush), do it. It's all part of self-care, and you deserve to be looked after - just like you look after everyone else.


Embrace the freedom you create

Try to notice when you have no urgent commitments, then make the most of it by putting away distractions (including your phone) and doing whatever it is that you fancy. 


Set boundaries

You can say 'no' to things that don't feel necessary or appealing, you can try to delegate tasks to others and you can ask your friends and family to respect your quiet time. Setting boundaries shows that you value your time and encourages others to value both the things you do for them and their own personal quiet time.


Don't overload yourself

If you start lots of new hobbies at once, you may be overwhelmed. Instead, give yourself time to try things at your own pace. Finding time for yourself is all about decreasing stress and upping the fun.


Remember that pobody's nerfect

There is no such thing as a perfect life or an easy way of getting through everything that's thrown at us. We're all trying our best to make the most of each day. Having a more balanced schedule will make you feel happier, more in control and less stressed - no matter how successful you are at maintaining it.


Have you got any tips for how to stay on schedule? Share them in the comments section or tweet @YayEveryDay_!

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