Ever feel like the world is spinning too quickly?
You're not alone.

Our super-fast way of living has its benefits, but it can take its toll on our health and distance us from the things we really value.

Yay Every Day gives readers a chance to reset, rediscover and move forward in a positive, mindful way.

This site is all about getting through the stumbling blocks we face each day, big and small.
It reminds you to enjoy simple pleasures and helps you to reconnect with yourself, others and your environment.

More than an ‘anything goes’ blog, it is a curated outlet for those interested in or curious about wellbeing, lifestyle and health.
Any product benefits and claims are investigated, the reviews are honest and the long-form content is purpose-written

Grab a mug of tea or coffee, get cosy and start reading to feel relaxed, alive and purposeful again.

Meet the editor

Yay Every Day is run by Amy Pay, a highly experienced freelance journalist and content creator. 

Amy has written features for many national outlets, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, Lonely Planet, BuzzFeed, Cosmopolitan and Vegan Living. She also writes content for brands and organisations that align with her interests.